A company specializing in installations, maintenance & repairing of air-conditioning and ventilation systems.
Level 4 BBBEE accredited.


ExecuAir opened its doors on 6 March 2006. Our aim with this company is to provide our customers with a better back up service and quicker response call-outs.

With more than 40 years of combined managmenet experience in the air-conditioning and ventilation market, we are able to offer a full range of services and expertise to our customers.

Our company is equiped with the latest modern equipment for installing, servicing and repairing of air-conditioning systems. The capacities of the equipment we can offer, range from as little as 1,95kW – 600kW split, air-cooled and self-contained package equipment, as well as water-cooled package equipment. Chilled-water systems, water cooled and air-cooled.

Chiller installations done at Sasol Secunda, range from 40kW – 1200kW 


We are proud to be a fully accredited Level 4 BBBEE company. We are striving towards uplifting of the previously disadvantaged communities, by training and skills development of our staff.


Compulsory annual medical examinations are performed on all our staff, to ensure their health and to detect possible symptoms of illness. Safety meetings are held on a regular basis to ensure that all our staff members are aware of any hazards in and around the work situation. Documented procedures are in place for equipment and personal safety in the work place. Registers required by the Occupational Health & Safety Act (85 of 1993) are kept on all tools and equipment used.


We work closely together with our suppliers, always staying up to date with the latest technology regarding environmental issues. With the large range of inverter and heat-recovery equipment available on the market, we are able to assist our clients with the best possible power saving solutions. These technologically advanced units, also allow for reduction in harmful gas emissions and excessive use of electricity, thus contributing to the global act against global warming.


ExecuAir is striving to comply with the standard set out by NOSA and ISO. We are working towards a documented quality Policy in line with the ISO 9000:2000, with the aim of being fully certified in the near future.


✓ A comprehensive range of air-conditioning equipment, ranging from 1,95kW – 600kW split, air-cooled and self-contained package units, as well as water cooler package (Heating & Cooling).

✓ Chilled Water Systems (Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled).

✓ Complete sales service function in respect to sizing the application and assistance with the appropriate selection of equipment.

✓ The availability of a full range of spares on all equipment we offer.

✓ Technical assistance and tuition covering all aspectsof the installation procedures and required maintenance-standards to relevant parties.

✓ Acceptable notice period of pending prices, prior to implementation thereof (30 days).

✓ Keeping all parties abreast of the new product-development and relevant features and benefits.

✓ Competitive pricing

✓ A wide range of equipment from all major brands available.

✓ Taking on large contracts and completing them in the shortest time-span possible, due to our manpower resources and flexibility.

✓ Servicing and maintenance on all makes of air-conditioners, including maintenance contracts.

✓ We also specialize in industrial ventilation, filtration and pressurisation.