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ExecuAirAirconditioning &Ventilation

ExecuAir  opened  its  doors  on  6  March  2006.  Our  aim  with  this  company  is  to  provide  our  customers  with  a  better  back up service and quicker response to call-outs.With  more  than  40  years  of  combined  management  experience  in  the  airconditioning  and  ventilation  marked,  we  are  able to offer a full range of services and expertise to our clients.

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We can offer the following services:

A  comprehensive  range  of  airconditioning  equipment,  ranging  from  1,95kW  to  600kW  split,  air-cooled  and  self-contained package units, as well as water cool package. (Heating and Cooling)
Chilled water systems. (Air-cooled and Water-cooled)
Complete  sales  service  function  in  respect  to  sizing  the  application  and  assistance  with  the  appropriate  selection of equipment.
The availability of a full range of spares on all equipment we offer.
Technical  assistance  and  tuition  covering  all  aspects  of  the  installation-procedures  and  required  maintenance-standards to relevant parties.
Acceptable notice period of pending prices, prior to implementation thereof. (30 days)
Keeping all parties abreast of the new product-development and relevant features and benefits.
Competitive pricing.
A wide range of equipment from all major brands available.
Taking   on   large   contracts   and   completing   them   in   the   shortest   time-span   possible,   due   to   our   manpower resources and flexibility.
Servicing and maintenance on all makes of air-conditioners, including maintenance contracts.
We also specialize in industrial ventilation, filtration and pressurisation.

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With more than 40 years of combined management experience in the airconditioning and ventilation marked, we are able to offer a full range of services and expertise to our clients.

ExecuAir opened its doors on 6 March 2006. Our aim with this company is to provide our customers with a better back up service and quicker response to call-outs. ... Read more


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Tel: +27 10 549 1740

Email: stefanus@execuair.co.za

Address: Unit 3 High View Park, 2 Rand Str, Vaalbank, Middelburg, Mpumalanga, 1050

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